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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Website
von Moms in Prayer International  in Deutschland


"Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at every street corner." Lamentations 2:19, NIV

What a huge disaster is revealed in this verse! The children are in great distress and the parents feel helpless.

These ancient words move me deeply as I consider the present-day situation of our children and grandchildren, the families and the single parents in our society. School is done by video conferencing online – and our children are only a click away from websites and photos which are dangerous for them! Classes are divided; friends get separated into different learning groups, and Corona self-testing is routine for the pupils and faculty. Wearing masks hinders real communication and makes breathing more difficult. Teachers and parents are in a permanent state of stress. It seems like we moms and grandmothers as well as the children are wasting away due to the lack of contact, hugs, visits, group activities and everyday interactions.

But the verse from Lamentations 2 encourages me, because God expects us to rise up, shout out, cry, raise our hands in prayer and seek God in unity. Yes, we have great troubles and we are in distress. We are challenged in many ways during this pandemic,. But we are called to bring God all of our worries, fears, misgivings, powerlessness, fatigue and hopelessness.

Over and over, I have experienced that I have renewed energy and strength after a MiP prayer meeting. From February until April we prayed online weekly at 8am and 8pm for the teens and twens all over Germany. We have discovered the gift of online prayer and are happy to shine our light for HIM over the internet! Women from all over Germany come together in unity and pray for 30 minutes using the Four Steps of Prayer: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession. Please register with our main office if you would like to join us for either of these meetings and see how they are structured. Welcome!

Starting in May 2021, we are going to offer these online prayer meetings using ZOOM. See the link for Upcoming Events on this website for details and registration. We welcome you to join us, experience praying with the Four Steps, find a new prayer partner, and be encouraged.

Let us stand up in prayer for our children and grandchildren! Let us raise our hands and pray for the teachers and schools and for the next generation! God promises many things regarding prayer: let us take hold of them in faith and bless our children and grandchildren by praying God‘s word into their lives. Now is the time to start!

We want to move forward in faith, like Abraham, the father of faith, did. „Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed…“ (Romans 4:18 NIV). Let us lead the way, full of faith and standing together in prayer, for His glory!

United with you in Christ, 

Manuela Woldt
Country Coordinator
Moms in Prayer International e.V.


What is Moms In Prayer?

The MIP-Hour

Unser Leitvers aus Klagelieder 2, 19: "...schütte dein Herz aus vor dem Herrn wie Wasser. Hebe deine Hände zu ihm auf um des Lebens deiner jungen Kinder willen..." +++ +++ Klagelieder 2, 18-19: "Schreie laut zum Herrn, klage, ..., lass Tag und Nacht Tränen herabfließen wie einen Bach; höre nicht auf damit, und dein Augapfel lasse nicht ab! Steh des Nachts auf und schreie zu Beginn jeder Nachtwache, schütte dein Herz aus vor dem Herrn wie Wasser. Hebe deine Hände zu ihm auf um des Lebens deiner jungen Kinder willen, die vor Hunger verschmachten an allen Straßenecken!"



Dankeschön * Dankeschön * Dankeschön * Dankeschön


Liebe Mamas,

in diesen Zeiten seid Ihr so herausgefordert:

❤️    mit Homeschooling

❤️    für Eure Kinder da zu sein & zuzuhören;

❤️    ihnen Trost, Verständnis & Liebe zu geben;

❤️    Streit zu schlichten;

❤️    Euren Kindern in den Schulfächern beizustehen &

❤️    sie darin zu lehren & zu unterstützen

❤️    Geduld zu üben & Ausdauer zu haben

❤️    den Haushalt zu erledigen

❤️    Homeoffice oder Arbeit außer Haus und Betreuung zu koordinieren

❤️    vielleicht auch noch eigene Eltern oder Angehörige zu versorgen

❤️    ….und mit Vielem mehr

Seid gewiss, dass Jesus Euch sieht. Und all Eure Mühe und den Einsatz als Mamas im Blick hat.
Ihr sammelt Euch Schätze im Himmel.

Eine Verheißung für Euch als Mamas aus Jesaja 44,3:

„Denn ich will Wasser gießen auf das Durstige und Ströme auf das Dürre:
Ich will meinen Geist auf deine Kinder gießen und meinen Segen auf deine Nachkommen.“

Ein Gebet nach Psalm 143,8:

„Lass die MAMAS am Morgen hören deine Gnade; lass sie auf dich hoffen.
Tu ihnen kund den Weg, den sie gehen sollen; und lass sie nach dir verlangen.“

Eure Kirstin vom MiP Team


Jedes Kind


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